Fox Hill


You can visit the area just for a walk through the pine trees and may be to climb up to the ‘Fox’ it self. If you do reach the top of the (Fox) hill you will be treated to a 360 view of the Uva Basin. There are two entrances to this area and the main entrance which is from the ‘Halangoda Lake’ side is controlled by the Army and the other is through the Airforce camp. Visitors are usually not allowed in to this area as this area is used for military training. The best way to get in is to be accompanied by someone you know and works for the Army or the Airforce. If you do go, try to make it either quite early in the morning or evening. On a clear day, mid day will be rather hot and unpleasant. I must also warn you that there is always the possibility of coming across unexploded explosives that may be in various forms (example: unexploded hand grenade/s, mortar bombs,…., …). If you do come across such ‘things’ please do not touch, kick or handle them. Also, if and when you walk around please stay on the roads/paths.


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