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Walk Along Haputale – Diyathalawa Road

you can also do a cool walk along part of the Haputale – Diyathalawa road.

Galkanda Vantage Point

This is a place from where you could have a birds eye view of the Uva Basin and the Diyathalawa town in particular.

Polo Grounds

This is a large open space where the game of polo had been played at the time Diyathalawa had been an R&R (military acronym for Rest & Recuperation or Rest & Recreation)

Halangoda Lake

This is a man made lake and has been named after (late) Brigadier (I think) Halangoda who had been instrumental in creating this small lake. The story is that this place had originally been a marsh/bog where the people in the area used to carry out gemming illegally.

Boer War Cemetery

Long time ago POWs from the Boer War were brought to and ‘held’ at Diyathalawa. In fact the premises where the Survey Departments Institute of Surveying and Mapping (ISM) is presently located had been the POW camp.